Money Back Guarantee

We pride ourselves on getting things right.That doesn’t mean we’re perfect, but when we make mistakes we fix them.
If you’re not happy with your Las Vegas Arena T-Shirt order get in touch with us and we’ll either organize a replacement, provide you with a store credit or give you your money back. It’s your choice.

Returns & Exchanges
If you don’t absolutely love it, contact us and we’ll help!
If you’re not happy with your order, please contact us as soon as possible. You’ll need to provide photographs of the item, including a close up of any tags/labels, as well as your order number.
We have a satisfaction guarantee, so whatever the problem, we’re happy to work with you to fix it.

Garment Size Exchanges
Are your snazzy new threads not a perfect fit? Not to worry!
To get the ball rolling, simply click here and fill out our short and sweet size exchange form.

Other Returns
It’s simple – click here to let us know the reason you wish to return your purchase and include a couple of pictures depicting any concerns. Once we get those, we’ll be able to take a look with you to sort things out.
It’s all part of our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Exchanging Gifts
While it’s lovely to receive a thoughtful gift, sometimes you just need to exchange it. Complete the garment exchange form with the order number and delivery recipient’s name, and we’ll be able to help you out.
If you don’t know the order number, you will need to ask the gift-giver to contact us for you.

Where do I send it?
Please do not return any orders to the addresses on the packages, these details are for lost mail returns only and your awesome LV ARENA T-SHIRT order may end up being worn by a postal employee in Iowa.
Please see below for how to easily request exchanges and returns.

I’ve received a refund, what happens now?
A refund will return to you via the same method you used to purchase, simple as that!

I Paid via Paypal
If the purchase was made via Paypal then the refund will return to the Paypal account used to purchase.
This will appear as credit in your Paypal account which you can use to make a purchase, or request to withdraw from Paypal to your bank account. Login to your Paypal account to get started.

I Paid via Credit Card
When a refund is organized for a credit card, it will return to the same card used to purchase. The refund transaction ID will be your order number.
How long will the refund take?
The amount of time it takes for a refund to return depends solely on the bank or card issuer. Some banks/card issuers finalize refunds within a couple of business days, while others may wait until the end of the statement month to display and process refunds.
You can always contact your bank or card issuer to ask about their usual timeframes.
That account and/or card has been cancelled!

You will need to contact your bank to alert them that you were expecting a refund to this account or card and to make alternative arrangements with them.

Can the refund be sent to a different card or account?
As the refund is a reversal of your payment, we can only send it back the same way it was received. Reversing a payment in this way is the fastest and most secure way to get the refund on its way back to you!

All exchanges and returns must be done within 14 days of received products.

If you have any questions, exchanges, returns or concerns, please contact us at: